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EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos


We are a company with the high commitment to provide specialized solutions for packaging and food protection, seeking as far as possible to increase the product shelf life, avoid scrap and waste of these and promote that the product reaches the consumer fresh, safe and without loss of nutrients.


EBIPAC was borne in Cd. Obregon Sonora, Mexico, as a response to the growing need and demand for specialized high barrier packaging by the food industry. Knowing this, we can offer a range of specialized products, heat shrinkable, multilayer, high barrier, based on different resins, which provide properties of permeability, mechanical, thermal, visual and according to customer requirements and standards and regulations.

Even though new to the market, we have the support of 24 years of experience of our related company Qualyplast SA de CV, dedicated to the specialized manufacture of plastic and flexible packaging.

EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos

Our work is always done with a focus on the customer, on their needs and their facing settings, seeking to be as close to them and provide quality and personalized attention. We consider each client as a unique and important member of the company.

We seek to create a solid, long-term relationship, based on trust, communication and attention, as well as the dynamism in the development of proposals and solutions to them.


Offer advanced specialized flexible packaging solutions, which allow customers to minimize product losses, prolonging the life shelf, as well to promote that their products arrive to the final customer, safe, fresh and rich in flavor and nutrients


Being the number one manufacturer of specialized packaging for food industry, offering a product and service of the highest quality, foster food safety, this through constant innovation and optimization of technology, of resources and the work of the highly qualified and committed people who integrate EBIPAC.


  • Honesty and integrity of our people.
  • Quality of our products processes and services.
  • Responsibility.
  • Commitment to always offer the best solution.
  • Communication between our team and our clients.
  • Constant innovation.
  • Team work between our people and also our clients, so we can develop the best solutions.
  • Professionalism.
  • Passion for what we do.
EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos