EBI-Fort is a specialized heat shrinkeable package to protect red meat (beef, pork and lamb). Its features ensure an excellent barrier against O2, CO2 and humidity, allowing prolong the life shelf of meat and that it remains fresh and safe.


In EBIPAC we know our customer needs and focus all our efforts to offer solutions that exceed their expectations.

Committed, highly trained staff and the latest technology in extrusion equipment, allows us to be the best solution in vacuum, heat shrinkable, high barrier packaging.

We know how important is to keep the freshness, flavor, aroma and texture of meat, from slaughterhouse until reaches the consumer table, reason why we develop a specialized package that meets all the needs of the meat industry.

A coextruded process and the right combinations of materials and resins, allows EBI-Fort protects the meat contained and fosters the retain of its properties until their consumption. EBI-Fort becomes a protective barrier against external agents that could damage the meat


EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos
  • Excellent heat shrinking below doneness temperature.
  • High shrink strength and presence of this for a long time. Prevents runoff or fluid loss.
  • Excellent level of transparency and brightness, offers a very good product image and presentation.
  • Excellent barrier qualities, these extend the life and preserve food.
  • Its barrier properties, seal and strength are not affected by humidity or frost.
  • Excellent heat sealing properties, enabling an easily and quickly sealed.
  • It is highly flexible, allowing its use in a wide range of applications
  • Prevents loss of moisture, aroma and flavor of the meat contained.
  • Avoid to food the absorption any foreign taste or smell.
  • Good puncture and impact resistance.
  • Avoid food oxidation.
  • It’s a product specially developed for meat preservation.
    • Shrinking and forming capacity
    • O2 and other gases barrier
    • Glow
    • Transparency
    • Punition resistance
    • Flexibility
    • Seal capability
    • Heat resistance
    • Humidity resistance
  • EBI-Fort


Our products can be printed with any design, from a monochromatic design to a design requiring photo quality printing, which allows us to provide a more attractive product for the consumer.


The forms of our bags follow 3 standards, which are customized according to customer needs in calibers, size and seals.