In EBIPAC we use technology and highly trained and committed staff, to produce packages of the highest quality. Years of investigation and research have brought as results the latest coextrusion and garment equipment, allowing us to create heat shrink package of the highest quality, specifications, standards and properties required by the customer.


In our facilities we take care of every detail to maintain high quality in processes and produce high-quality packaging in a safe environment that enables this to be food grade.

The production building has an enclosure to external agents, with no external air intake, all under controlled climate. Staff that works in production area as well as having access to this area follows a cleaning protocol before entering the area.

We take care of every detail to have an excellent industrial safety program and energy-saving facilities in lighting and temperature.

EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos


Our products can be printed with any design, from a simple art design to a design that requires picture quality printing, which allows us to provide a more attractive product for consumers.