Against all shrinkable packaging products on the market, EBIPAC offers 3 advantages that make our products the best:

High heat shrinking strength, resistant for a long time.

Excellent barrier property, which is not affected by humidity.

Proximity to our customers and personalized attention.

Our products have a series of properties that benefit the safety of the food contained, some are:


The heat shrinkage at lower temperatures than doneness temperatures, avoids exposing the food to high temperatures which reduces the risk of losing color and texture.

The great strength of shrinkage and its presence in the packaging for a long time, minimizes the possibility of runoff or release of liquids, microbial growth, decay, and the retention of liquids in food, allowing reaching these in excellent condition to the final consumer. While it is providing the packaged product an attractive presentation.

EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos
EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos


It’s highly flexibility, allows our products to be used in a wide range of applications.

Resistance to scratches and wear, allows to keep a good eye looking longer.

High resistance to impact and puncture, maintain the vacuum for longer without been affected.


The use of coextrusion allows us to have an extraordinary barrier against O2, humidity, water vapor and other gases. This preserves the properties of the product and protect it from external factors.

The O2 barrier can slow down the process of oxidation and decomposition of the product content, which prolongs shelf life and reduces the need to adhere conservatives.

The co-extrusion and the use of different materials and resins, allows us to vary the barrier properties, depending on customer needs.

Moisture retention offered by our products, allows the packaged product reach the final consumer rich fresh and prevents weight loss after packaging (dripping).

Its barrier prevents loss of product properties, such as flavor, aroma and protects it from external flavors and fragrances.

EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos
EBIPAC Empaque Para Productos


Our products have excellent seal, which allows the vacuum not be lost, so the product can remains in good condition for longer time.

Their excellent sealability allows do it easily and quickly during processing.


Its high gloss and transparency give the packaged product an excellent presentation, which makes it attractive to the consumer.


The forms of our bags follow 3 standards, which are customized according to customer needs in caliber, size and seal.